I am French-Colombian-Iranian, and I demand the right to exist

Roxane Casseghari

In this original podcast style submission, a NYC-based human rights lawyer gives her personal response to the highly contested “Muslim” travel/immigration ban.

As a third culture* kid or individual of partial Iranian heritage, Casseghari’s unique perspective blends her reality of being a product of immigration many times over with that of her professional training in international human rights issues, law and policy.

That the piece is done as an audio track, only furthers its expressive impact. The chosen media format affords Casseghari the possibility of delivering her own words in her own voice as she demands the right to launch unconscious acts of protest. Indeed this piece reminds us that the very act of existence is a human right too often challenged in these trying times. Listen as Casseghari eloquently campaigns for us all “to be amazed by how many cultures can co-exist within one body and to see identity as a malleable concept that liberates from imposed things such as borders, citizenship, and race.”

* A term used to refer to a growing body of children born to parents of two different cultures and raised in a culture other than that of their parents’ and the culture of the country given on the child’s passport, where they are legally considered native.